Scanning Bureau

Many of our customers are faced with the significant challenge of managing many years of accumulated documents. At CFS-Solutions we help them make the valuable information stored in these documents easily accessible by a process known as “document imaging”—the conversion of paper documents into electronic images via a computer system. When these valuable information resources are converted from a traditional paper-based system into an electronic system, the resulting improvements in accessibility, office productivity, and information distribution can be quite dramatic. 

CFS-Solutions provides high-quality, cost-effective, document scanning of a wide range of documents. Meeting minutes, marriage, birth or death records, financial records, personnel files, payroll and book-keeping, reports, maps, engineering and architectural documentation, or any other documents overflowing your filing cabinets, CFS-Solutions can convert virtually any documents you have accumulated over the years. 

This service is performed at our own secure facility. We will scan and transfer your information into electronic format and put all the information on CD for easy accessibility.


We use Laserfiche for Scanning Purposes - Click here to find out more